(Fanmade) What If? | ETK Films (2021)

Imagine if ETK had a film company and began their film carrer.
If this was an actual company the logo would be remaked using RTX Graphics, which is what it'd be like in 2050.
Note: Fake, not real, and it's fanmade for purposes.
Audio used: HBO Feature Presentation 1998 ID but it's high-pitched by 2
2nd note: I tracked the logo in After Effects using 3D Camera Tracker.
Tags: #SaveEPLVE765​ #StopAttentionSeeking​ #SupportTKC​ #SupportEPLVE765​ #QuitLeakingDetails​ #QuitVideoGameHacks #AntiToxicCommunity​ #AntiVideoGameModMenuVideos #QuitFreeLikeVideos​ #SaveNBK​ #StopChannelRules​ #AntiHypocriticalCommunity #StopSubscribeBegging #SaveYouTubersFromGettingHacked #StopHacking #JokesAreNowACompleteFad

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