Underground Monster 2022 Film Explained in Hindi Summarized

Underground Monster (2022) fantasy movie explained in Hindi Urdu voice over. The Chinese Fantasy Adventure film “Underground Monster” story summarised with a full ending in explanation. The plot is about a giant monster and titan spiders that emerge from a hidden tunnel to the surface and force humans to become their offspring. Initially some workers were building a deep subway station in an underground passageway. They enter the hole which was smelly and littered with garbage. They could see huge insects in the area, and they were being chased by giant monsters and giant spiders. They discover a strange egg and are horrified at the sight of a giant creature. 'Don' a worker got trapped inside the tunnel and was horrified when he saw the mythical creatures there. Later, when he sees his friends dying in trouble, he bursts into tears. On the other hand we also see 'Jack', a young boy who lives with his father. Later he comes close to a truck that is shaking and leaking a strange liquid. Inside that truck, there was an extremely large creature with a huge tentacle. Jack approaches the monster who treats him as his own offspring and keeps him with it. 'Jack' was initially afraid of it but both befriended in a short time.

While Jack's parents were worried and trying to find him. While that tunnel worker 'Don' returns to exact personal revenge on the monster who killed his comrades. 'Jack' intervenes, telling him that this creature only eats garbage and does not consume humans. But he doesn't believe her and is only interested in killing the demon. Jack's parents visit a scientist who shows them an injection capable of sedating any large animal. They approach the demon and finally strike at him causing him to be in an unconscious state. 'Jack' warns them not to do it again but they ignore it. Here, Jack falls into muddy water but that friendly monster saves his life, putting itself in danger.

In his rage, 'Don' attacks a monstrosity creature near his heart which is sadly stopping that monster's life. When they looked closely, they only found garbage inside it, as 'Jack' alerted them. The killers finally see their fellow survivors alive which informs them that the behemoth monster didn't kill anyone but that the giant spider was to blame. When everyone in the room finds out what is happening, they are quite embarrassed. Later 'Jack' moved in with his family and now lives happily ever after but he still misses his monster friend.

In my view, this sequel is one of the best films in the monster universe, and its unexpected ending makes us all happy. Because of the adventures throughout the film, this movie satisfies the super monster fan. For example, we see a lot of fun and enormous creatures like smiley creatures and gigantic monsters. But in these slightly creepy touch types of stories, one of them will eventually fall. This is one of the new series with average to good ratings. It is both amusing and frightening to watch.

Images and footage Source: Toho
Director: Huang He
Producer: Wei Wei
Screenplay or written by: Lu Jinhao (also known as 'Didi guaiwu' is based on giant monster film)

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